Five years

Somehow I’ve been keeping this up for half a decade. My interest in writing these posts waxes and wanes, but so far it hasn’t died completely. Last year was a bit dry though – far from my erstwhile goal of two posts a month, I wrote eight the entire year, with only three between May and December. There are a large number of drafts that didn’t make it, which either means I’m too self-critical or have lots of bad ideas (probably both). But I also had a busy year last year, full of doing things other than writing posts for this blog.

Going by Google Analytics, these are my top ten posts for the last year (i.e. since my previous retrospective):

  1. The GPU passthrough tutorial1
  2. The 2nd hard drive encryption tutorial
  3. The dual-headed wiki post
  4. The variable argument LaTeX macro post2
  5. Trollcave’s walkthrough
  6. Trollcave’s announcement
  7. This post about contenteditable
  8. There’s nothing better than RSS
  9. My review of Zero HP Lovecraft’s The Gig Economy
  10. This post about different ways to download a file from a remote Windows machine

So it’s a nice mix, obviously skewing towards things people are more likely to discover from a search engine results page (the dual-headed wiki post comes pretty close to the top of searches for “vimwiki”). The GPU passthrough tutorial still dominates.

This year I plan to bring you more of the same: technical tutorials of stuff I’ve actually done and use (still running a dual-headed wiki on a GPU passthrough system with a LUKS encrypted 2nd hard drive to this day), reviews of interesting things and maybe even another vulnerable VM or something. If there’s something you’d specifically like me to take a look at and write a blog post on, you’re welcome to drop me proposal via email or Twitter.

  1. Thanks to everyone who’s mailed me about errors or additional useful info for this post over the years. ↩︎

  2. This post needs an addendum or follow-up, based on some reader feedback I’ve recently received. Stay tuned for more 70s-style document processing! ↩︎

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