Walkthrough: Causality Couriers

Now that Causality Couriers has been out for a week or so, it’s time to release the official walkthrough. The game has six endings, and in the spirit of 100% completion, we will visit each one, though not in order.

Before you read this walkthrough and spoil the story, ask yourself the following question:

Have I tried tampering with the parcel when there’s no one around? How hard have I tried?

If you’re satisfied with your answer to that question, read on.

Knock on the barricade and wave at the circular shadow when it appears. It’s a drone!

To get ending 1 of 6: Save here and dodge the drone repeatedly, until you get too tired and the drone kills you. Then restore your save and continue.

Strike the drone with your sword to dispatch it. Examine its remains, or do anything else for one turn, and an opening will appear in the barricade.

Go through the barricade and into the wooden shed. There you’ll meet Darius Fletcher, who has a parcel for you. Examine the walls of the shed and talk to Fletcher about various subjects. He will give you the parcel.

Remove the delivery tag from the parcel and examine it. How strange, it’s for someone in Ancient Egypt!

Twist the delivery tag to travel across time and space to the parcel’s intended recipient: an alien observing the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza (observing, not helping). Before you do anything here, save your game. Your next few actions will determine which of the five remaining endings you can reach.

Talk to the alien and deliver the parcel.

The alien will open the parcel, drink the wine inside and instantly die. Oh no! But what’s worse, a horde of angry aliens will suddenly descend on the scene, appearing from portals. Unfortunately for you, they’ve never heard the phrase “don’t shoot the messenger”. Save here.

To get ending 3 of 6: Attack the alien hordes with your sword. It’s at least ten against one, so you won’t have a chance. At least you will feast in Valhalla.

To get ending 4 of 6: For a few turns, do anything except attack the alien hordes or escape to the desert. Look at the scenery and fiddle with your inventory until the aliens surround you.

Right after the aliens appear, go into the desert. If you move far enough away from a delivery or collection point, you will automatically be teleported back to your home time and place. After escaping the aliens, you’ll find yourself back in your apartment.

Turn on the television, and then try to turn it off again. A special broadcast appears, and you’re getting the headache you usually experience after one of your deliveries changes the past. The special broadcast appears to be about you.

From here, watch TV and look at the poster on your wall when it appears. You can proactively hand yourself in the police outside, or you can sit and watch TV until they bust your door in. Either way, you’re going to prison.

In your cell, look at the poster and play a sad tune on your harmonica. A new collection tag will appear in the middle of the room. Pick it up and give it a twist to get ending 5 of 6. This is one of the two endings where you don’t die. Whether it’s a good one or not is up to you.

Restore the game from the save you made just after arriving in Egypt. Then, take a closer look at the parcel. It can be opened, but wouldn’t be appropriate to do this in front of the alien, so duck inside the tent and do it there. You’ll need to click on open a few times, as your courier’s instincts make it very difficult to tamper with the mail.

Eventually, you’ll open the parcel and find a wine bottle inside. You can open this bottle as well, but it will also go against your courier’s instincts, so keep trying.

To get ending 2 of 6: Save here and drink the wine from the open bottle.

Empty the wine bottle. Then hold the parcel again and close it, which will make you pack away the wine.

Leave the tent and deliver the tampered parcel to the alien. It’s pretty weird to send empty bottles to people, but seems to be a harmless prank. With your delivery done, you can wander off into the desert and be teleported home.

In your apartment, you’ll see a closed envelope on the coffee table. Pick the envelope up and open it. When you take the letter out and unfold it, a humanoid being of pure light will appear in front of you. Talk to the being – your dialogue choices will not affect the final outcome.

You will be informed that Causality Couriers is aware of your parcel tampering, but apart from fining you some portion of the fee you were to receive, they will impose no punishment. As long as you don’t interfere with the business operations of Causality Couriers or prevent the company from being founded, they don’t care if or how you change the past.

Once you’ve finished speaking the being, they will disappear, leaving a new collection tag behind. Pick up and twist this tag for ending 6 of 6.

To get the Hustler Achievement, ask both Fletcher and Gthxrynn for payment. The game records how many times you shake the parcel and will tell you at the end – initially this was going to have some effect, but it got cut.

If you’re feeling proactive, you can also open the parcel in the first area of the game, by returning to the front of the barricade before you twist the delivery tag.

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