Game: I Hunger

I made a game/story for Ludum Dare 33, a weekend-long game jam. The theme was “You are the Monster”, and so the game’s about being a volcano god. You have a city of human beings who make sacrifices to you, and if they don’t you make the volcano erupt and really spoil their day. It’s a hypertext work, so you read words and click coloured words, and that’s how you play it.

You can play I Hunger on this very site, over here. The Ludum Dare page, for voting and suchlike, is over here. The game was made with Twine 2, a hypertext creation tool created by Chris Klimas and various others.


It’s a game that was written in a couple of days and has not been through significant testing. It does a bunch of overcomplicated things with Twine, so you may encounter bugs I didn’t notice. Consider it in beta, and please let me know if you find anything significant.

Post mortem and various thoughts about how the compo went to follow.

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