Russell's Quarterly archive

Around the time I first got involved in the general Game Maker community in 2007–2008, downloadable PDF magazines were for some reason the new hot thing that everyone and his grandmother were doing. The quality varied, many of them died after one issue and all of them are long gone nowadays.

One such magazine was Russell’s Quarterly, and it was different from the rest. The pages were not glossy or full of pretty pictures – rather, each issue consisted of close to a hundred pages of detailed, vigorously thought-out articles about game design, pontificating on everything from religion in games to the mechanics of boss battles, all written by a guy called Tom Russell. Later issues featured a few articles from one or two contributors, but Russell still wrote the bulk.

Sadly, he had to stop working on the magazine due to real-life commitments, and so only five issues were ever published, spanning a little over a year. In time, even the links to the PDFs expired, and eventually you couldn’t download Russell’s Quarterly anywhere.

I still had them on my harddrive, though. I’ve read every issue cover-to-cover countless times, and I want them to be available somewhere so others can read and learn from them. So I’ve put them up on my personal Google Drive. Here are the links:

I should mention that two of my old games are reviewed in issues 3 and 5 – that probably plays a small role in my fondness for the magazine.

Oh, and if you happen to be Tom Russell, please send me an email at this address and let me know whether I should be doing this (also I’d really like to hear your thoughts on Iji).