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This is the personal blog and website of David Yates (no, not that one), a record of my thoughts and the things I do that may be of interest to others. It is unrelated to the country of Spain, outside of the coincidence of their TLD and the last two letters of my surname.

Through a GIMP filter, darkly

Through a GIMP filter, darkly

I post a few different sorts of things here. My day job is in cyber security and involves a lot of technical futzing in code and config, which I do plenty of outside of work as well. I write instructional posts on things I’ve managed to figure out, usually on Linux.

I have a long running passion for indie games, especially those of a narratological bent – I’ve even made a few. I review games, books and the occasional film or webcomic. I also write general posts about subjects I find interesting, usually related to internet culture, programming and tech – but anything is a possible subject. There’s a bit of short fiction here too.

If you’ve got something you’d like me to review, or a topic that you’d like me to write about, let me know in an email, and specify whether you’d like to be credited with the suggestion in the post, should one result. I do not accept guest posts, but you’re welcome to reply to my posts through email or webmentions. If you would like to support this website, you can do so by visiting it with Brave browser and including it in your auto-contribute.

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Posts published on this blog are revised at random times for spelling/formatting mistakes, clarity of language and technical correctness. I endeavour not to alter any opinions expressed, or the major thrust or content of an article. Clearly marked and dated addendums are sometimes added in cases where I no longer agree with the points made by the article.

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This blog is powered by Hugo, a fully featured, flexible static site generator written in Go. Previously, it ran on Ghost – you can read about that transition here. It’s hosted on Netlify. Previously, I used a Digital Ocean virtual server instance located in Amsterdam. If you’re interested in the nitty-gritty details, I wrote a post about how I use this blog.

The theme is a custom thing I hacked together myself. It’s not publicly available, but my old one is. I use these fonts (courtesy of Google Fonts):

  • Poppins for headings
  • Merriweather for body text
  • Source Code Pro for code
  • Merriweather Sans for miscellaneous text


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