Games I've made

Here are some games and game-esque things I’ve made. Anything released pre-2011 is quite old and no longer supported, but I keep it all here for posterity. Unfortunately, the older stuff will only run on MS Windows.

[Linux]Released: 27 November 2017

The least accessible “game” on this page. This is a Linux VM hosting a community blogging website called Trollcave. The website contains a number of vulnerabilities which can be used in conjunction to root the VM (i.e. get access to the root user and read the file /root/flag.txt).

Recommended tools: VirtualBox, Burpsuite, Netcat

Recommended reading: VulnHub on sensible precautions for vulnerable VM deployment

Download links below (.ova file, 883MB) (version 1.2, released 2018-03-21):

Your Dog Has Been Abducted by Aliens
[Inklewriter]Released: 26 July 2012

I’m always uncertain about whether this one really qualifies as a game, but anyway, here’s Your Dog has Been Abducted by Aliens, a silly CYOA text adventure I made with Inklewriter on a whim one evening.

Elements of Escape (unsupported)
[Game Maker 7]Released: 11 November 2007 (original), 24 August 2008 (co-op edition)

A puzzle platformer with two characters – one creates blocks, the other destroys them. I made two versions of this – one for a fire and ice themed competition, and another for co-operation themed competition.